15 Reasons to Date a Cyclist

15 Reasons to Date a Cyclist

In the event the adorable guy just who just requested you out uses their vacations on a bicycle, don’t hesitate to say yes.

Here are 15 reasons why you should date a cyclist:

1. Two words: bike short pants.

2. It’s technology: Cyclists are hot. Research conducted recently found that cyclists just who excelled within the trip de France are considered more desirable than other sports athletes — and therefore the most effective 10 percent of cyclists “is about 25 % more appealing as compared to least expensive ten percent.” Maybe fast may be the new-rich?

3. Cyclists tend to be wise. According to a current Mindlab survey, we look at cyclists as 13 % much more intelligent compared to average person.

4. Cyclists are good. In line with the same study, cyclists are generally regarded as 10 percent a lot more altruistic than non-cyclists.

5. The day are going to be available for a little while. Professional cyclists reside, on average, 6.3 more decades than non-cyclists. (Um, provided that they don’t get hit by an auto.)

6. Cyclists are useful. After numerous years of honing bike-maintenance skills, the big date will be up for repairing things in your home, too.

7. The great out-of-doors. In case you are fed up with online dating indoor kitties, date a cyclist. You’ll get reacquainted with nature. And possibly even travel more.

8. Cyclists tend to be committed — and don’t accept beat. Ideally this extends to their own search for commitment success, also.

9. No idle bums here, merely nicely toned ones. Cyclists tend to be disciplined, typically rigorously very, and will resist the weather to get their trips in.

10. Cyclists are continually establishing goals on their own. If you need a forward-thinking day, search no further.

11. Cyclists have great near-death-experience tales to share with you, which is also precisely why they truly are also sticklers about protection.

12. You could start biking, too! Your own day will likely be thrilled to generally share his/her passion for your recreation. In reality, the whole family can participate in, if the two of you ultimately procreate.

13. Cyclists never call-in unwell. Relating to a 2013 study because of the nationwide pattern system, cyclists grab half how many ill times since their public trans hookupsportation-riding colleagues.

14. Believe your go out’s obsession using available path is actually a tiny bit over-the-top? He’s saner than you might think. Studies have shown that energetic physical exercise like cycling can enhance amount and mind while decreasing stress and anxiety. The motorcycle will work for their brain.

15. Love the world? Cycling is as eco-friendly because it gets.

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