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TriPac Envidia® All-Electric APU

Electric APU with industry leading power and performance for superior driver comfort

We’re proud to offer a clean, reliable all-electric auxiliary power unit (APU) that not only saves fuel but delivers unmatched driver comfort previously unavailable in an electric unit. Meet the 2nd generation TriPac Envidia, the envy of the trucking world.

About TriPac Envidia

Clean, quiet comfort

With no diesel engine, the TriPac Envidia runs clean and emission-free and is significantly quieter than engine-based APU systems. Thermo King designed the TriPac Envidia to meet nationwide anti-idle and zero-emission regulations, including CARB requirements.

Serious fuel savings

The TriPac Envidia is an all-electric, battery-based APU system, which means significant savings on fuel. By reducing the operation of the tractor engine, the system delivers big cost savings on maintenance.

Unmatched support

The TriPac APU has the support of the nationwide Thermo King dealer network, which provides expert installation, factory-certified technicians, and genuine OEM parts at over 200 locations across North America.

The TriPac Envidia system


Engineered for optimum performance with TriPac Envidia

  • Designed to maximize performance and increase runtime
  • Dry cell technology for greater efficiency, longer life, and lower life cycle cost


Plug into shore power when available to charge both the truck and TriPac Envidia APU batteries simultaneously.

Simple in-cab controller

The Simple HMI (Human Machine Interface) is the driver control module that is typically mounted in the bunk area. It is an easy-to-use control that allows the driver to select the desired function of the system.

Custom configure your TriPac Envidia with a wide array of options

BASE TriPac Envidia

  • Provides sleeper/cab cooling and electric power
  • 8,000 BTUs/hr air conditioning system
  • Installation kit (fits all tractors)

Available options


1000 watt Pure Sine inverter to power appliances and electronics.

  • Inverter and shore power package


With 7,500 BTUs/hr of heat to keep drivers warm and comfortable.

Brushed stainless steel condenser cover

Adds additional corrosion protection as well as that finishing touch.

Mounting options

A variety of mounting options to tailor your APU system installation to your needs.

  • Direct mount installation kit
  • Direct mount with 1″ spacer
  • Claw mount with 1″ spacer

ThermoLite® solar panel

Add solar panels to your configuration to aid in battery charging and increase runtime.

High output heater

With 13,600 BTUs/hr of heat, this heater will keep drivers warm on the coldest of nights. With only slightly higher fuel consumption than the standard heater, this option is popular with drivers operating in Northern United States and Canada.

Additional NXT batteries

Another set of 4 NXT batteries will help to standardize your tractor batteries to high-quality, long-life batteries.

Shore power converter

Provides the capability to charge both the truck and TriPac Envidia APU batteries at the same time.

  • Inverter and shore power package

Add your chapter to the climate sustainability story

Installing a TriPac APU on your fleet is a quick and effective way to reduce carbon emissions significantly. By eliminating rest stop idling, a TriPac APU reduces emissions in proportion to its approximate 75% lower fuel consumption rate.

Add ThermoLite solar panels to reduce fossil fuel emissions even more. Calculating and sharing your climate contributions with your customers, drivers and various communities is simple with available TracKing telematics.

TriPac has your driver's back

Help is never too far off the highway if your TriPac needs unplanned service. With more than 180 factory authorized service centers nationwide, no other manufacturer supports an APU like Thermo King.