Chrome Parts: Sunvisors

Chrome Parts: Sunvisors

As a driver, there is nothing as good as driving when you can clearly see the road ahead. It utterly means that you will get to your destination without any fuss. Having a clear view of the road ahead may make a difference of day and night. Sun visors come in all sizes to make this possible whenever the beams burn up your eyes. The visor protects the driver from rough, unforgiving sun rays which penetrate the windscreen and straight to your eyes. The intensity of the sun may mean that the driver may be forced to close his eyes in a bid to escape the rays. This makes driving difficult as there is no way the driver can navigate without a proper view. The visors at Mr. Truck parts come in so many sizes, shapes, and models. As the driver, just hop in or shop around for your most preferred chrome sunvisor.


Understanding the Visor

Well, the most important and commonly used part is the flap/shield which caters to block the sun rays from affecting your driving. The visor basically acts as a shield which inhibits the forces of the sun from reaching your eyes. In turn, the rays are reflected back to the atmosphere through the windshield and hence giving the driver a coherent environment under which he can perform fully.

The visor has several parts: the hinges- these basically hold the visor to the car roof. This means that the visor is always in position and therefore, it can easily be pulled t position and back. The hinges allow the movement from left to right and back and forth. The driver can easily remove the flap from one side of the hinge and adjust it accordingly to shield him from the 4 o’clock sun just as easy as it is the 8 o’clock.

It is also important to denote that the sun visors especially the front one comes in two flaps. One caters for the driver while the other caters for the passenger onboard the front of the car. The driver and the passenger can reduce the harmful rays of the sun from affecting their eyes.


Problems reported with sunvisors

Many cases have been reported where the sunvisors are deemed to release out of their position and to fall off instantly. This could be dangerous as the driver may be enjoying the drive and then the visor falls instantly. The problem has been attributed to the heavy materials that could be stored between the flap and the roof of the car. The solution is simple; remove the baggage placed on the flaps.

Loose hinges; this comes as a result of mishandling where one may apply irrelevant force to pull down the visors. In such a case, the visors become so loose when every time they are pulled down or back to position, uneven energy is used. Such problems may be mitigated through proper care and handling.

The lights not working; some sunvisors come with some installed light. At times, these lights have been reported to not work from time to time. This is a case which needs a trained technician to handle the technical wiring of your vehicle.  There are mirrors that may come with the sunvisors as well; one should handle the flaps with care to prevent cases of broken mirrors from mishandling.



Remove the sunvisors that need replacement and search for a replacement, if you do not come across the right match, pick a chrome product from our shop and seek to have this replaced by the qualified personnel if there is electrical work involved. Make sure to replace with the color that collates your car’s interior.