How to Enhance the Life of Your Truck

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How to Enhance the Life of Your Truck

Many truck owners desire to have their trucks for long, as they are one of their most desirable properties. It is important to care and maintain your truck to be able to get the most service out of it. Each truck is unique in its way but incorporating some simple DIY maintenance tips will see your truck running as though it were new for long. Observing the following tips will ensure an increase in the lifespan of your truck.


Oil Change

Never miss an oil change to guarantee a long lifespan for your truck. Ensure to change the oil and oil filters for your truck every six months or 7500miles. Select good quality oil guided by the truck owner’s manual such that you pick the oil with the right viscosity index. Consider consulting a professional to get the right oil that will ensure the smooth running of your engine and increase the lifespan of your vehicle.


Tire Rotation

It is advisable to rotate your tires at every oil change to ensure that your tires wear evenly. For the majority of trucks, the front tires wear out more than the bank tires. Rotating tires enables to extend the life of the tires, making your ride smoother while reducing the load on the suspension of the truck that is caused by tires that are unevenly worn out. Tyre rotation also helps to indicate wheel alignment problems as well. During tire rotation, always follow the tire rotation pattern to ensure proper setting and diagnosis of issues.


Wheel Balancing

Always ensure to have your wheels balanced during tire rotation to ensure the distribution of the tire load on the axle. When your truck traverses’ rough terrain with features such as potholes, affords, and bumps, the truck’s tires get off balance with each encounter with the rough terrain. Unbalanced wheels cause vibrations that lead to increased wear and tear on the truck’s suspension and the tires. It is also advisable to ensure wheel balancing when the tire during tire replacement and patching.


Wheel Alignment

Wheel alignment is crucial especially when the truck keeps pulling to one side of the road. The truck may become misaligned due to driving at extremely high speed and driving aggressively especially in rough terrain. Misalignment of tires causes more wearing on the tires that may increase the fuel consumption of the truck. Always ensure that the tire inflation is at correct inflation, and the tire load is evenly distributed as well as secure to reduce the misalignment of the wheels.



Always check both the interior and exterior lighting of your truck to ensure that the lights are working effectively. Dim light on the dashboard, for instance, may indicate an electrical fault with the vehicles wiring. Dim headlights can cause accidents due to poor visibility and may also result in hefty penalties as well. Always stock your glove compartment with extra fuses that can come in handy on the road when you face lighting issues.