Factors to Remember When you Buy Semi-Truck Parts & Accessories


Factors to Remember When you Buy Semi-Truck Parts & Accessories

Do you know that the after parts world is very shady? It is very difficult for both customers and manufacturers to resolve problems around truck parts. There is no such thing as a standard component. In fact, so many terms are used during the purchase. When customers repair or replace truck parts, they find it difficult to judge is a component is genuine. This is because there are hundreds of thousands of parts with private labels, from the aftermarket and white box! In fact, some parts are remanufactured, rebuilt and repackaged by local bodies. If you are planning to invest in truck parts and accessories, there are few things you should keep in mind.


Factor #1 – Standards

All truck parts have minimum standards. Parts that are imported and exported must be tested. Before you finalize on a truck part, inquire if it is tested. Tested products are both safe and genuine. You can be sure that the part would last for several years. It is important to test parts, especially if you are looking for second hard ones. According to experts, testing parts for minimum standards is not a DIY. That is why you should hire reputed and experienced service providers. They will help you understand if the part is engineered with safety in mind.


Factor #2 – Reputed Dealers

When you buy truck parts, you should always stick to a reputed dealer. Never replace or obtain parts from local mechanics. Experts reveal that local mechanics have access to semi-truck parts and accessories from the aftermarket. They find products that look and feel like the genuine ones. If you are a truck dealer, you must decide who can sell you a product. Go through the dealer’s reputation and licenses. Check if they have a promising background. Above all, they must be experienced in dealing truck parts. Reputed dealers have access to a wide range of parts and accessories. They sell parts with long warranties.


Factor #3 – Remanufactured versus Rebuilt

A lot of buyers wonder if remanufactured and rebuilt parts are similar. By default, remanufactured and rebuilt parts have many crucial differences. It takes lots of time to remanufacture a part. On the other hand, rebuilders can prepare parts in few days. They work by fixing or replacing components that are damaged or broken. Simple replacements can bring back the entire truck. Remanufacturing doesn’t work like this. It is the process of going to the truck’s actual manufacturing facility. Engineers go through each section. Remanufacturing values every part of the truck. Every component is carefully inspected and verified for remanufacturing. Some people believe that remanufacturing doesn’t make a truck brand new. Well, the end results depend on many factors. Mostly, it depends on the parts remanufactured.


Factor #4 – Fleeting Manager

Last but certainly not least, you should be aware of the fleeting manager. The online market is flooded with thousands of fleet owners and parts. Not all these parts are genuine. In fact, all the fleet managers are not reliable. This is why you should work with the true leaders!