The Fender Products at Mr. Truck Parts

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The Fender Products at Mr. Truck Parts

In life, some people will always want to equip their cars with chrome products. At Mr. Truck spares, we help you access a wide range of the products as we stock them for you ranging from the fenders, horns, mirrors, front grills, sleeper panels, mud flaps, hub covers, and lights among others. This guide will shed more light on fenders as they seem to almost fit in any type of car.


Importance of Fenders

  • Fenders prevent corrosion between various parts of metals
  • Fenders can reduce the impact at the time of an accident
  • Fenders provide an aesthetic nature of the car where the owner may choose to install them at will
  • Fenders also provide an appealing chrome modification component of the car


When to replace Fenders

It is advisable that the owner takes into consideration when and how to replace the fenders. For starters, a fender is also meant to provide the means through which the metal parts are protected from wear and tear through exposure. Hence, the replacement may come immediately after the fender starts to wear out or acutely bends. Secondly, the replacement may be due to the car upgrade. For instance, whenever the car chassis is upgraded to a newer version, it goes without saying that the fender requires a replacement as well to cater for the car’s new shape. More so a replacement would follow whenever the owner wishes to incorporate chrome products for his car.


How to install a fender

Our guide is a simple three-step process of installing the fender. The first is to check for any damage that may have occurred with your fender. Secondly, check for the right size before you go shopping. Thirdly, inspect the fender you may wish to buy to make sure that it is a perfect fit and has a great condition made by quality product manufacturers. Finally, remove the damaged fender and install the newly acquired product making sure that all the round or sharp edges are in their right positions without misalignments.  



A fender is essential as it serves various different roles. Attaining the right fender for your type of car is key to making an appeal to your car’s performance, elegance, and class. The nature and quality of the fender should be nothing short of the best as the aim is to serve you many days in the future. Working on acquiring a crucial make may fix all your problems regarding the appeal, damage or chrome wear necessities. One must as well remember to acquire fenders that complement each other through purchasing the fenders for both sides in case of an upgrade. Fenders with the most appeal are the shiny, heavy-duty metal construed with little ability to scratch. Maintaining the fenders with their shiny zeal may mean washing and applying the right car spray to make it remain durable and elegant.

Our products are not only quality but also provide unique experiences to the user. The products at Mr. Truck spares are of quality in nature and you are advised at your will. You can never go wrong acquiring an auto product from our shop.