Go through Top 5 Debunked Myths about Truck Parts

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Go through Top 5 Debunked Myths about Truck Parts

When it comes to buying parts of a truck, a lot of misconceptions lurk in the mind of people. This article will debunk a few of the myths which are essential for making people understand about purchasing truck parts.

So without further ado let’s check the myths and quash them!


Myth I.   Price is What Matters Most

Value of any part depends on availability as well as performance and not just amount of a component. Cost happens to be an element of value. However, the real value depends on getting a truck back on the road as soon as possible. So, when choosing parts, one shouldn’t rely on just the price but also on performance these parts will offer after completing the repairs.  


Myth II.   All Produced Parts are Equal

This is one of the most vital myths which stroll in people’s mind when buying truck parts for replacing damaged portions. A component which looks same doesn’t mean that they will be of the top-notch quality as the genuine ones. A piece which functions and fits properly doesn’t mean will be able to take the place of actual components which are produced after applying years of engineering technology and testing.


Myth III.   Parts should be Purchased and Replaced at Authorized Dealers’ Place

Many believe that buying spares from authorized dealers for replacing a damaged one is the only option. Yes, it is true that authorized dealers provide genuine vehicle parts. However, other unauthorized dealers too, offer original parts. By paying the right price one can get authentic products from anywhere in the market. The cheap knock-offs are for those who ask for a reasonable fake product.


Myth IV.   One Needs to consider just the Truck’s Age before Replacing Parts

Considering the age of the vehicle is a good idea. However, it is not the only thing one should think when opting to buy vehicle parts. Apart from the vehicle’s age one needs trade cycle, part’s performance, manufacturer’s quality, etc. All these together helps in determining what type of parts the truck needs.

Moreover, the definition of value changes during a life cycle of a truck. First replacements may have a high value for having an optimized truck. However, for later stages, one might opt for cheaper parts.


Myth V.   Remanufactured and Rebuilt Parts are the Same Thing

Though these two may sound similar, they are not, and there is a massive difference between the two. Remanufacturing refers to a component that is taken apart entirely and also its different parts are sent to manufacturing facility’s various sections. Each of these parts has to face the testing on its own. Only after adequate scrutinizing it is allowed to go through remanufacturing process.

Rebuilding refers to fixing of damaged parts by replacing them. However, one might get back the same core element which it had. So, determine beforehand which type of products one wants remanufactured or rebuilt one.

These five myths are the reason people often take wrong decisions when opting for replacing or repairing damaged truck portions. Hence, keeping these in mind is crucial when a truck owner wants to replace some parts.