Holiday Driving Tips for Truckers

Truck driving in the snow

Holiday Driving Tips for Truckers

It’s November already. The year is drawing to a close, and more exciting, it’s the start of the holiday season. It’s the time for cheer and jubilation for most folk. For truck drivers, this season signals a busier, tighter schedule. With more trips, comes more dollars in our pockets. Cheers to that!

But it’s also a time of increased traffic and tighter deadlines. The rush can add stress even to the most level-headed.


Top tips that will ensure you deliver that cargo on time:

  • Keep up with car maintenance and state laws

You are likely to have back to back travel, so now is the time to prepare your truck for the extra miles. It’s important to get your car checked by a professional. Examine tires, brakes, car battery, windshield wipers and the general condition of your vehicle. Ensure that your insurance is up to date and you have numbers of mechanics and service bays in case of breakdown on the way.

  • Check your tires.

We cannot overemphasize on the need to inspect your tires. Tires are your vehicle first line defense especially considering that this is during the winter period. Check your tire pressure (When cold), tread depth and spare tire and jack.

  • Have your chains and cables ready.

Winter is renowned for ice, snow, and slush and this means your navigation will be a tad difficult. Check out for Chain Laws during this holiday season.

  • Map up your journey.

Make sure that you have researched well on your journey beforehand. Check the weather in advance of your trip, alternative routes, warnings, traffic conditions etc., so you can avoid dicey road conditions. Ensure you have GPS, download necessary location apps, have a charging cord for your phone and backup yourself with a paper map.

  • Consider peak-traffic times:

The holiday season is rife with holiday-makers driving to holiday destinations or to catch on last minute shopping. You don’t want to be caught up in snarl-ups and risk missing your deadlines. Ensure you embark on your journey early, take alternative routes and plan your journey not to coincide with when everyone is on the road.

  • Watch out for speed limits.

Due to an increased number of revelers, some of the distracted or drunk, the holiday season is prime time for highway patrols. Check out the posted speed limit for your safety and for those around you.

  • Your braking system.

You may probably already know this. But it’s worth a mention. Do not break on ice. This is especially important when you are driving uphill in icy conditions. Also, avoid braking while on a bridge or overpass in snowy weather. If there’s ice, your truck could jackknife.

  • Be emergency ready.

You can never be too prepared. This is so when you put the 2 factors at play— winter and holiday. Ensure you have a ready kit with you. The kit should include first aid kit, warm blanket, snow shovel, flashlight, hand warmers, matches, water and protein snacks bars, light sticks, flares, whistle and Syphon pump. Others are phone charger, battery-powered radio, fire extinguisher and hotline numbers of the various locations you will be journeying. Check out our offering on accessories on


The holiday season might have some up and downs for truck drivers, but this doesn’t mean that it can’t be magical. This is especially so, considering the overtimes and the beaming faces of happy customers.

Follow the above tips and thank us later. Do enjoy your holidays.