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International Trucks, a company that started in 1902, specializes in producing severe-, heavy- and medium-duty trucks that can be used for a variety of situations. Is there a task you need to accomplish? International probably has a truck for it.

One of its models for severe duty operations, the Workstar, is made with 5 different purposes in mind: construction, hauling, streets/sanitation and utility. The heavy-duty Durastar, comes with even more purposes; it can be used for firefighting, beverage hauling, dumping, towing, landscaping, construction work and more. International’s desire to cater to its customers goes beyond creating trucks to address their every need, however. The company allows customers to create their own version of one of their trucks. You can select the Prostar and choose its color, its cab, the kind of bumper it has, the orientation of its exhaust, and some of its exterior and interior design, to name a few things.

You can also schedule a test drive for your custom made vehicle. Not unlike Diamler’s Detroit Connect, International’s OnCommand Connection helps make diagnosing issues with trucks more efficient by being able to diagnose problems for all of International’s trucks, regardless of their make. OnCommand Connection includes live access that helps with vehicle location and close observation, a health report system that gives a general synopsis of your vehicle, and mapping, which aids in locating dealers, vendors, hotels and truck stops.

International also provides 24/7 Emergency Breakdown Service (EBS) for its customers. You can visit for more information.