Maintaining Your Truck’s AC System


Maintaining Your Truck’s AC System

The air conditioning system is one of the most crucial parts of your truck.  You need to ensure that it is in its optimal working condition at all seasons. During hot summer, the last thing you want to deal with a malfunctioning air conditioner.


During winter, it is less likely you are going to use the air conditioner. However, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have it checked. You should instead take advantage of the season to visit your mechanic for servicing. Servicing is not a complicated task and you can also do it yourself as long as you have the necessary equipment. Keeping your truck’s air conditioning system in the right working condition ensure you are always ready for the hot summer ahead.


Why should you Service your Air Conditioner during Winter?

  • If your mechanic happens to advise you to have your truck’s AC system checked during winter, do not look at him confused the excuse that you rarely use the AC during winter. There are several benefits that you will realize for following his instructions including;
  • The demand for using the AC during winter is low and hence there is ample time for the mechanic to check and service the system as he deems right. It is unwise to let the air conditioner stay idle all winter only to realize that it needed servicing when summer kicks in.
  • Letting the system stay idle through the winter months interferes with its functioning. You might be hit a surprise as you try to switch it during summer.
  • If you use your truck for long-distance drives, the AC system is more likely to wear and tear more rapidly during the hot season. To avoid any form of inconveniences, consider taking it for servicing every winter season.


How to Maintain your AC in the Right Working Condition During Summer

During summer, the demand for using your trucks AC system becomes high. During this time, it is more likely for the system to fail to function, leaving you dealing with extremely high temperatures that not even windows can cool down. Instead of facing such a woe, consider the following tips to ensure the system is working properly throughout summer.

  • Regularly check the drive belt- the AC uses the drive belts to rotate the compressor. If the belt is broken or functioning poorly, there is nothing driving the compressor and your air conditioner will not serve you as it should. In case you note anything amiss with the belt, either have it repaired or completely restored.
  • Ensure the compressor clutch is functioning properly- this is located at the front of the compressor, which is below your hood. To check whether it is functioning, switch on the air conditioner and set it to the coldest position. The compressor clutch should rotate to indicate enough refrigerant but in case it is not rotating, take it as an indication that you don’t have enough refrigerant. The latter case might be caused by blown fuse, leaks on the refrigerant or a wiring problem.
  • O-Ring- if the refrigerant is leaking, the first caution should be to check the O-Ring. It is easy to replace and also very affordable.
  • Check for leaking pipes- before you can refill the refrigerant, check for all possible leaks and have them repaired.
  • Ensure the cooling fans are working- when the AC is turned on, the electric cooling fans should be operating normally. Fans malfunctioning might result in a poorly functioning AC.
  • Ensure there are no debris or any other form of obstruction in the radiator or the condenser. Any form of obstruction will prevent smooth air flow from the condenser and radiator and into the AC.