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Peterbilt Truck Parts and Accessories

Formed in 1939 by T.A. Peterman, Peterbilt, a subsidiary of the PACCAR company, is an American truck manufacturing company that is based in Denton, TX and that specializes in the construction of heavy-duty trucks. It plays a role in the truck industries of both the United States and Canada.

Despite a small target audience, Peterbilt provides a rich selection of trucks, which includes 3 lines of on-highway trucks (579. 587 and 389) and 5 lines of medium-duty trucks (348, 337, 330, 325 and 320). For the environmentally conscious driver, Peterbilt offers trucks (579, 567, 365, 520 and 320) that run on an electric hybrid engine, or use compressed (CNG) or liquid natural gas (LNG). Along with its trucks, Peterbilt gives customers access to a parts shop, roadside assistance and fleet services. The shop, which sells parts created by PACCAR, seems to stock typical truck parts like batteries and starters. The roadside assistance program, for which registration is free, operates 24/7 and provides towing, restarting and reparation services.

If you have or are interested in having a fleet of trucks, the PACCAR Parts Fleet Services Program may be for you. It consolidates billing, placing purchases for various trucks onto a single receipt. It also allows for greater control over expenses and truck reports.

Peterbilt also provides Rapid Check, a system that involves quick diagnosis of maintenance issues and thereby reduces the amount of time a truck must be off the road. For more information on this truck manufacturing company, visit