Tips on Maintaining the Shine on Your Chrome Wheels

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Tips on Maintaining the Shine on Your Chrome Wheels

Majority of car owners, like to pimp their cars making them their favorite toys. The car is useful in enabling us to move from one place to another, therefore having a good looking ride also enhances your personality and earns you respect as your cruise fellow road users along the highways. Some owners sign lease agreements with car dealerships that enable them to change their cars every two to three years with the aim of them maintaining that new look. However, other car owners customize their vehicles adding some accessories that will enhance the look of their rides earning them respect on the road.


Pimping, your ride with chrome reams enables you to achieve this helping your car look aesthetic as well. Chrome wheels have a unique shine that enhances your vehicle’s appearance making them shine when they are new. They also increase the value of your car, in case you are planning for a resale. However, chrome wheels require great maintenance to keep their shine. For instance without cleaning them frequently, and polishing, they easily wear out making them acquire rust, becoming dull and less appealing in appearance. It is therefore important to clean them regularly by observing the following tips to maintain their lustre as well.



Lack of proper maintenance makes chrome wheels become easily damaged losing their luster and the chromium flake off the wheels. Chrome wheels get damaged by brake dust and road salt and require regular cleaning least once a week. When you are cleaning chrome wheels, spray them with water using a water pipe. This is to remove loose dirt such as grime which may cause damage to the rims when left for long. Using a sponge scrub thoroughly your rims, using car wash soap mixed with chrome polish. Avoid using other detergents and abrasive cleaning tools such as brushes as they will leave scratch marks on the wheels. Use a special spray cleaner for stubborn dirt spots on the wheels instead of scrubbing using abrasive tools, as they will damage your rims. Use a soft cloth to wipe the rims dry and apply a coat of wax, which you will wipe off once dry to give the rims the desired shine.


Advantages of Chrome Wheels

  • Pimping, your ride with chrome wheels and keeping them well maintained has great benefits for you as the car owner.
  • Chrome wheels made of steel or aluminum and electroplated with chromium, which gives a durable shine maintaining the cars’ new look.
  • Chrome wheels have a high resistance to rust and corrosive substances, making them ideal for any weather, unlike steel and aluminum wheels that are highly corrosive and need the use of hubcaps for protection.
  • Chrome wheels also give your wheels great luster that attracts attention, making the car aesthetic and increase its value in case of a resale.
  • Chrome wheels are very long lasting and maintain their shine for long if regularly maintained. Chrome maintenance supplies are affordable and readily available online as well as local dealership shops.