Replacing the Wheel fenders

Truck wheel fender

Replacing the Wheel fenders

For many people, there is a need to replace their car’s fenders but only feel demotivated when they realize that they must visit the mechanic. While some people are really happy to replace them at the mechanic’s, many people do not like queuing their cars while waiting for the busy mechanics to take the delivery. Most people, especially the employed with a morning to evening schedule may end up feeling that their time is wasted and their energy as well. The weekend may be the only time that most individuals find to spare, but again, not at the mechanics because it is the only time with family members, children and so forth. This article genuinely shares the simple four-step to changing your car fender anytime any day, even before you head to your job premises.


Identification Process

The first step involves identifying the fender that needs replacement, mainly, these come in pairs but depending on the purpose of your replacement, you definitely may need to make a choice of the replacement as a single or multiple. When you identify the fenders, you need to consider such aspects like measurement, construction, shape, and design. Move to the next stage.


The selection process

One may have scouted for nearby spares during lunch breaks or free time. Whenever you are ready to select the fender you wish to fit into your vehicle, then you are ready to move to the next step. At Mr. Truck parts, this is what we can help you do all day, we stock many fenders for different ranges of trucks, and we can never tire to help you with the selection. Our online web platform gives a diverse range of products.


The purchase

You can never go wrong with the purchase part. The imperative concern is seeking to identify the following;

Shape this must be close or in exact length and modification

Size the size should be a must fit within the range of installation for the new replacement

Design The design should be another aspect of relating with, it should be one that can withstand several factors like wear and tear, an aluminum material or stainless steel are better design makes that could last for longer periods.

Price many products should reflect the amount they sell. Higher amounts should reflect very high-quality products, if this is not the case, then do not buy them. The point is going for anything close to the gold amount if you can, and if it is not worth it, leave it. Only purchase because you can, standard products are at times perfect and go for good pricing and consequently, if your choice is among the standards, then make sure it is a great product you acquire from the ones available.


Removing and Installing

This is always the hardest part, but it should not stress you out. The key is to figure out the location of the various nuts and screws. These guide you on how exactly the replacement should be. You need to slowly, and one by one take off the screws and place them symmetrically at the bottom where you can see their arrangement as you take them off the old fender. Now, remove the old fender and replace with the purchased product. The placement at the bottom should guide you in case you forget which screw goes where. Tighten the replacement and make sure to check that all the nuts are in place and you are done. See, that was not so hard!