How to Spot Fake Truck Parts

real or fake truck parts

How to Spot Fake Truck Parts

The counterfeit car parts industry is estimated to be approximately $12 billion a year according to the Federal Trade Commission.

You may view this as not impacting on you directly, but did you know that there are quite a large number of fake parts for trucks and semi-trucks being sold offline or online? Yes. One of the top ten causes of car accidents is defective automobile parts. Many stockists, some even well established, are participating in what is known as “reboxing”, “relabeling” or “repackaging”.

What they are doing is taking counterfeit or aftermarket parts, creating a new label and putting it in packaging that resembles the original. From fake spark plugs, brake shoes, oil filters and airbags the industry is rife with imitations.

However, the real problem with fakes is that they not only translate into a loss to you in the long term, but they also compromise the safe operation of your vehicle and put the driver and occupants at risk. Of note also is that counterfeit parts have a ripple effect on other genuine parts of your truck. Thus considerably reducing the time span of your vehicle performance and at worse can cause vehicle stalling or expensive repairs.

4 ways to tell if purchases are genuine

So how can you tell if the car parts you are about to purchase are genuine or counterfeit? Here are 4 pointers:

1)    Check the packaging closely:   Does the label say ACdelco or AZdelco?  Motorcraft or Motorkraft. Another tell-tale is a faded looking label, or when ink rubs off the label easily with just a touch. It’s important that you understand what the genuine part looks like, and look at tell-tale signs to prove that the part is actually genuine.

2)    The price is too good to be true: Check out the manufacturer’s websites for the actual price, or confirm on eBay. If the price given to you is 40% off, then you are looking at a fake. Remember if it’s too good to be true, it probably is.

3)    Are the car parts listed? If they are not, the part is a counterfeit. All legitimate dealers list the part number so that you know what you will be getting, and can compare prices.

4)    Does it come with a warranty? Original parts often come with a 1-year warranty while defective ones will not carry such guarantee. Ensure you get a warranty on the parts

How to protect yourself when purchasing truck parts

Now that you know how to tell a genuine part from a fake one, what can you do to protect yourself?

First, choose a service center carefully or approach reputable dealers. If you are not sure which dealers are legit, check the manufacturer’s websites and they will give information on where to buy original parts. is a recognized dealer of semi-trucks parts and offers a guarantee and after service on every purchase.

Secondly, check the manufacturer’s website for alerts on fake parts: Manufacturers have been increasing consumer education on counterfeits and publish information on their websites that will help consumers distinguish the original from the fakes.

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