How to take care of your Truck’s Tires

Man checking air in tire

How to take care of your Truck’s Tires

Your truck’s tires are a very important part of the vehicle. Your only contact with the road is through them and as such they need to be in the best condition if you are to maintain control of the vehicle. Looking for your tires will help you reduce costs as they last longer.


Use the following tips to prolong the life of your dear tires

Check the pressure of your tires regularly

This may seem like it’s obvious but it is extremely important. Properly inflated tires will make your truck safer on the road. Under Inflated tires will result in higher fuel costs since they require more push from the engine to start moving.

Over-inflating the tires will lead to premature wear and loss of traction. Your truck will bump along the road more increasing the likelihood of spinning out of control especially if the road is slippery.

You have to know the correct tire pressure and adhere to it. In the old days, some truckers used to go around with a lever banging tires and using the bounce and sound to test the amount of pressure in the tires. While that may have worked for them, you are better off using a gauge. Just ensure that your gauge is fit for trucks.

Avoid Overloading

Overloading will not only make your truck difficult to handle but it will also massively shorten the lifespan of your tires. Always adhere to the load capacities of your tires.

Make sure your truck’s tires are properly aligned

Improperly aligned tires will have uneven wear. This may result in one side of the tire showing canvas while the other side still has a lot of tread depth. It may be a good idea to regularly rotate your tires especially those on your trailer.

Use tires of the same types and sizes on the same axle

This will help ensure even wear on the tires. It will also give your truck optimal handling.

Always buy new tires from a reputable supplier

Some truckers will buy used tires in a bid to save money and reduce costs. There is a lot of danger in this. You should never use a tire whose history you do not know.

The tire may be a retread or may have a deep cut covered up by patching. In all these situations, you put your life at risk and it’s just not worth it. Also, stick to reputable tire brands as they have better quality tires.


If you take proper care of your tires they will take care of you too. Do not take shortcuts with tires because you will put yourself and others at risk.  

Inspect your tires at regular intervals and before going on a long trip. Inspecting them after a trip through bad roads is also a good idea.