Top Signs that Your Truck Tires Might Need Replacement

Worn truck tire

Top Signs that Your Truck Tires Might Need Replacement

Just like your feet, even your truck’s tires take beatings every time you drive. Worn tires do not mean that you are a terrible driver, it is inevitable. Tires will get worn out as they are being used. But tire failure can be quite dangerous and can cause an accident. You need to be aware when your tires are in bad shape so that you can get them replaced at the earliest. Your regular mechanic will let you know if your tires are in bad shape and need replacement, but you too can change the tire on your own. You need to look out for a few warning sign of worn tires and here are some of them –


Depth of the Tread

The tread of the tires should not go below 1.6 millimeters in depth. If you often drive on the slippery or wet surface, you might want it to be twice about that. You can purchase a gauge to help measure the depth properly. Just take your car to a service center and have them check the depth of the tread to ensure it is of the right depth.


The Wear Indicator Bar

All of the new tires will have tread wear indicators and will be barely visible in new tires. As the tires got old and worn down, they will start to appear. When you check your tires and can see one or two of them being visible, it’s a sign that the tread is getting low. Thus, it may be time to get the tires replaced before something goes wrong.



It is not just the tread that can experience wear and tear. Sidewall too can experience problems such as cuts or grooves that can be easily seen with naked eyes. It is a sign that your tires are leaking and can blow out at any time. Thus, if you see sidewall that has developed cracks, it is time to take them to a repair shop and think about getting them replaced.


Blisters on the Tire

Many times, the outer surface of the tires will experience bulges or blisters. These parts can become weak and can cause blowouts if they are not replaced. It can cause a severe accident if the tires are to blow out in the middle of the road. Thus, keep an eye on tire bulges or blisters on the surface of the tires.   


Excess Vibration

A certain amount of vibration is experienced when driving a truck, but many times the vibration may be excessive and might not feel right. There might be many causes for too much vibration, and one might be the unbalanced tires. Also, there might be some other problem with the tire that is not visible to naked eyes.

The above signs are an indication that something is wrong with the tires and need a quick replacement. Ensure that you purchase quality tires from a reputed online store so that they last longer. Always read reviews about the online store before making a choice.