Top Truck Rims for You

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Top Truck Rims for You

A lot of truck owners want to give their priceless vehicles a perfect look! They look for accessories that would improve the truck’s overall appearance. If you want to customize the look and feel of your truck, you need chrome accessories. In the past few years, the demand for chrome wheels has increased significantly. Chrome accessories (especially the wheels) can give your truck a lasting shine. Your truck’s wheels will be noticed by everyone. Chrome wheels come in different types. In fact, you can give the customized chrome wheels a personalized touch. With this being said, here are few ways of customizing your truck wheels.


Technique #1 – Polished Wheels

Polished wheels have become extremely famous in online and offline stores. You will come across many truck owners talking about polished wheels. Polished truck wheels are quite similar to brushed and machined wheels. It takes the final look to a new level. A lot of people relate polished wheels to sanding wooden furniture. As you sand wood, it gets a smoother finish. After few hours, your wooden furniture will have a mirror-like texture. Polished truck wheels have a chrome finish. They look newer and well-protected.

Steps: The truck wheels should be polished, washed, polished again and waxed. This gives the wheel a protective and a shiny layer.


Technique #2 – Chrome

As mentioned previously, chrome is one of the best things you can give your truck. Chrome gives the wheelbase a shiny finish. Almost all chrome rims bling! It will grab the attention of everyone passing by. If you want a mirror effect on your truck wheels, you must pick chrome. The only issue with chrome is that it doesn’t suit places with ice and snow. Chemicals like beet juice and salt have adverse effects on chrome. The chemicals can react with chrome and peel the top layer off. The best way to retain the look and feel of chrome wheels is by coating it with wax (regularly). Trucks in warmer conditions should be careful about brake dust. Experts believe that brake dust is a bad enemy that can result in corrosion. It will destroy your chrome in few days. To reduce the impact of brake dust on your chrome wheels, you must wash the rims frequently. This will minimize the abuse.


Technique #3 – Black Rims

The talk about customized accessories for your truck will be incomplete without black rims. These rims are becoming popular. Those who don’t want to follow the chrome trend find the black rims useful. Black rims are not shiny or bright. Instead, black rims have a classy and a rugged look! Do you want to flaunt yourself as a tough guy? If yes, black rims will help you. In general, all wheelbases are made of black rims. Manufacturers customize the black rim with chrome, satin gloss, matte black finish or Teflon coats. At the moment, gloss black and satin rims are experiencing a high demand. These rims appear cool and interesting.