Types of Security Seals

plastic seal

Types of Security Seals

What are seals? Where can I purchase the best seals for my truck? These are some of the questions that truck owners usually stress them. Can you imagine a situation where you drove your truck to a mechanic, and he or she suggests you should buy a perfect seal? In the whole of your childhood life, you in all probability only came across the navy seals movies and as a result, the seals never really meant much.

A normal human body has got cell walls and membranes which efficiently perform the role of protecting the inner tissues and cells. The two cells structures are rigid so as to provide security to other fragile parts of the body. This is a simulacrum to a normal truck. The owners of the truck usually seal the cargo being transported by the truck. They usually recommend a high level of trust from their drivers, but sometimes the drivers might violate their ethics and tamper with the cargo. This leads to the need of improvising a more reliable form of security seal that may sprout out evidence in terms of a case. The seals are usually fitted to the rear doors, and each of the seals usually generates a specific number that changes when the door is tampered with.


Metal Seals

The metal seal is ISO 17712 secure and conforms to all necessary customs rules and regulations. The bolts are usually closed by squeezing the trailer and its head to get her and it’s opened upon delivery by the use of bolt cutters. This has been the most convenient form of safe transportation all over the globe.


Plastic Seals

As its name suggests, adjustable plastic seals fit in many applications on the truck. They offer much security seal due to the progressive numbering which is barcoded and may have a company name or a logo printed on it. However, fixed length seals also is so important on a fixed, variable length. They just tap into the recommended place and locks up very fast. A good example is the use of a padlock which provides evidence upon tampering, e.g., distortion of the shape, some marks on the padlock, etc.


Some Methods of Marking the Seals

We at MR. Truck Parts advise our clients to use some typical marking such as logos, special texts, writing white pads or even barcodes. However, for the advanced one, they may use hot stamping, printing (inkjet printing and thermal printing) and use of lasers by engraving.