Understanding Your Truck’s Air Filter

Truck Air Filter

Understanding Your Truck’s Air Filter

Do you know that thousands of truck owners have the habit of changing the air filter frequently? Environmental Protection Agencies and technicians claim that changing the truck’s air filter will increase its fuel efficiency. A poorly maintained air filter will reduce the overall performance and power of the engine. This theory holds good for both cars and trucks.

By definition, the air filter is designed to protect the engine from harmful particles and pollutants. Particles and pollutants will hamper the overall performance of your truck. In the long run, this will have a significant impact on your truck. Regular maintenance and replacement of truck air filters will increase the lifetime of your vehicle. When it comes to air filters, you have many options to choose from. The process of finding and finalizing “air filters” is a difficult task.


Air filters for trucks can be categorized into two types


#1 Paper Filters

Paper air filters are extremely common. To be honest, more than 60% of trucks and cars use paper air filters. These air filters strike a balance between functionality and affordability. Most paper air filters should be replaced between 5000 to 10000 miles. When compared to other models, paper air filters are cheaper and readily available.

Cons: Unfortunately, the cost of maintaining and replacing paper air filters will increase with time.


#2 Gauze Filters

Gauze filters became extremely famous because they are washable. When compared to paper air filters, the gauze ones are durable. Gauze filters can last for a very long time. If you are planning to upgrade your truck’s air filters, you must opt for Gauze. Well-maintained gauze air filters will outlive your truck.

Gauze air filters are carefully designed to trap dust and dirt particles. The filters must be oiled once in every 5000 miles. Some manufacturers release synthetic versions of these filters. These filters must be cleaned using the right solution.


How often should air filters be changed?

Automakers encourage truck owners to inspect the air filter frequently. However, you don’t need to replace it often. Only after specific intervals should the filter be changed. Frequent replacements will be a waste of money. It doesn’t serve the purpose.

If the truck is driven in suburban or clean cities, the air filter will last for at least 20,000 miles. If the truck is driven in dirty conditions, the interval becomes smaller. You may have the replace the filter between 10,000 and 15,000 miles.


How to inspect your Truck’s air filter?

Inspecting your truck’s air filter is not a complicated process. Filters that need to be maintained or replaced will have visible dirt particles. When the layer of dust and dirt is removed, your filters will be able to trap and remove contaminants. To inspect the air filter, shine a 100-watt bulb on it and see if the light passes a considerable distance (at least half of the air filter). If the light gets interrupted at a shorter distance, it needs to be serviced or replaced.

Whether your filter has to be replaced or services, pick certified technicians and buy from reputed service providers. The service providers should be licensed, bonded and verified.