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Volvo first entered the truck manufacturing industry in 1928 when it built a truck in Sweden. By the end of the 1950s, the company began to take part in the American sector with the launching of the Volvo Viking, the Volvo Titan and the Volvo Starke.

However, Volvo’s success in American truck manufacturing did not truly take flight until the 1970s when it produced its F86 and F613 line of trucks. Since that time, Volvo has multiplied its success, participating in truck markets in every single continent (except Antarctica obviously). Volvo has a market in Asian countries such as Japan and Malaysia, European countries like the United Kingdom and Lithuania, and the African countries Nigeria and Angola.

The American sector of Volvo Truck makes 5 lines of trucks. The lineup includes the VNM series that consists of 200, 430 and 630 versions. The 200 is made for traveling short distances, while the 630 is made for the “long haul”, so to speak. The 430 is made for runs that require a sleeping break. The lineup also includes a line of tow trucks known as the VAH series. This series also consists of 200, 430 and 630 forms that have variations like those already mentioned.

In 2011, Volvo, with encouragement from the U.S. Department of Energy, began construction of a concept vehicle known simply as the SuperTruck. The truck is intended to help reduce emissions, and may even be partly made of recycled carbon fiber. Please visit for more information.