Best Air Conditioning and Heaters at Mr Truck Parts

A/C and Heating

Best Air Conditioning and Heaters at Mr Truck Parts

The beauty of a powerful machine such as a truck is the efficiency of all its working parts. How all these parts run together to provide a smooth and safe journey not only for the driver but also for pedestrians. Unlike any other vehicles, trucks are built to be much stronger and tougher due to their intended workload. However, just like any other working machine, its parts are susceptible to wear and tear due to repeated use.


At Mr. Truck Parts, everyone is proud of us being one of the top names in the trucking business. The esteemed team members help our clients in accessorizing and upgrading their vehicles to improve the look fully, and they can stand out from the crowd. In every vehicle, air conditioning and heaters are some of the most important parts. However, Mr. Truck Repairs produces the best quality of these products to replace the one that has worn out.


Imagine having to drive for miles with a faulty air conditioning and heating system that would be the most uncomfortable drive ever. Being the air conditioning and heating systems are directly linked to the engine cooling system, failure of the air conditioning and heating systems might be an indication of the failure of the engine cooling system. Failure in any of these systems may lead to reduced visibility while driving as the windshields will fog and freeze. This is unsafe as it might lead to accidents.


A/C system parts

The air conditioner in the truck is quite similar to the one used at home. The air conditioning system in the truck is made up of several parts functioning differently.

  • A/C compressor. Being the heart of the A/C system, it takes the refrigerant, pressurizes it and thus absorbing heat and cooling the air.
  • Dryer. This serves as the safety catch of the system as it catches any liquid before it can damage the compressor.
  • Expansion valve. Controls the air temperature by regulating just how cold it should get.
  • A/C condenser. This is where any hot air passes, and it gets much cooler.
  • A/C evaporator. Its functions are opposite to those of the condenser. It moves heat from the cabin to the condenser.
  • Refrigerant. This is the gas that can be condensed and vaporizes at different temperatures.


The heating system has components such as the radiator (for the transfer of heat from the coolant to the outside of the vehicle). The control valve which benefits in the maintenance of the proper temperature for passengers, the blower fan which moves the air inside the vehicle to the evaporator, and, finally, a thermostat that regulates the flow of the coolant.


Why travel with on faulty air conditioning and heating system which puts your life at risk? At Mr. Truck Parts, quality air conditioning, as well as heating parts for all your truck needs is, offered at a reasonable price. The parts are efficient, safe, durable, easily available at Mr. Truck Part’s leading stores and quite affordable. Anyone in need of buying an air conditioner and a heater for their vehicles is advised to buy them from Mr. Truck Manufacturer since they have been proven to one of the best producers’ worldwide.