Stainless Steel Mud Flap Hanger TU-9209LF
Flat Top Mud Flap Hanger – 4″” Flatline LEDs

Sold Pairs
Diodes TLED-F4R: 49 Diodes
Function Red Stop, Turn & Tail
What’s Included TLED-F4R | TBEZ-4CH4 | Spring Loaded | Locking Nuts | Pre-Wired | Assembled

Amperage TLED-F4R: 138 mA
Dimension (W x L x H) 3.75″” Bolt Spacing
Material Mirror Shine 430 Stainless Steel
Installation Attached to the chassis using a hand wrench and supplied hardware. WARRANTY VOID if power tools are used for installation

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Stainless Steel Mud Flap Hanger TU-9209LF

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