Top 5 Truck Parts That You Should Check Regularly

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Top 5 Truck Parts That You Should Check Regularly

Trucks spend a lot of time on the road headed to different destinations. This means many miles covered daily and often carrying a heavy load. That’s why you need to ensure periodically that your truck is in optimum condition and is able to get to deliver that important cargo in no time.

Taking care of your car is as important for keeping you on the road and getting where you want to go as it is for your safety. As it is true for human beings, prevention is better than cure. Checking and maintaining your car regularly will not only eliminate the stress of dealing with a broken down vehicle but also save you dollars in the long run.


Here are 5 simple maintenance checks you should do on your car before jetting off on that journey:


  • Is your oil okay?

Oil is the blood that runs your truck. And if the blood is not circulating properly, or has thinned out, you are at risk of heart failure. This is true for human beings as it is for cars. Differentiating between clean oil and dark dirty oil will save you unnecessary trips to the mechanic.

Different engines require different engine oils and your manual should offer details on which oil to use. Pay close attention to the dial inside your car or the reservoir under the bonnet. Your dip-stick will allow you to see how much oil you have inside the engine and this should be checked when the engine is cold and the vehicle is parked on level ground for an accurate reading.


  • What about Shock absorbers?

Is your ride smooth or bumpy? Do you feel all the dips and turns in your truck as you drive? Your Shocks might need a change.

The red alerts to look out for are; If when you are driving the vehicle, it is pulling to one side when you go around a bend. Or when you apply the brakes, if the bonnet takes a noticeable dip it could be due to damaged shocks. Finally, any signs of uneven wear on a particular tire or those on one side could be caused by collapsed shocks making the affected corner or side work much harder than the others.

Since trucks drive for long distances, it’s important that the driver’s comfort is taken into consideration. Changing the affected suspension once problems are detected is advisable.


  • Bulbs

Trucks drive in diverse conditions, ranging from foggy, night, smoky and muddy and wet. In addition, there is need to constantly indicate to other road users on what your actions are. That’s why ensuring the electrical and lighting parts work well, is so important. For the safety of the crew and other road users, it’s essential that all your bulbs and indicator lights are in perfect condition.


  • Brake pads and discs

Well-functioning brake pads are a must in your truck. Think about it, trucks drive in all manner of environments and often unforeseen circumstances can arise which would need the driver to apply brakes. Think perhaps, a child, without insight decided to cross the road when there is an oncoming truck. The effectiveness of the brakes is what will save the life.

If you notice any kind of deterioration in your braking, check the brake discs for any signs of corrosion or pitting, as this can reduce the area and the amount of friction available. Important too is to check for possible wear and tear on your brake pads.


  • Replace your windshield wipers

This may seem obvious, but the truth is, many drivers assume the wipers will be in good condition at whenever time. That’s until, it rains, and one tries to use them, and they fail. This would mean an uncomfortable drive or stall altogether as the weather clears, or tries to have them fixed.

This headache could be eliminated by regular checks and maintenance. Your visibility is important as you journey around.

But before you rush to replace, give your windshield a good cleaning inside and out. It may be what is just needed.


Of course, there are many parts that you need to keep a check on to ensure your truck gives you maximum service. While quite a number of check-ups we have highlighted here are things that you can quickly check and fix yourself there are issues that are best handled by a professional. So do make sure that intense problems are looked into by an expert.

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